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Yeshiva of Belle Harbor
Mission Statement

   The goal of the Yeshiva of Belle Harbor is to provide an education that will prepare our students to excel in education and life.  We are a modern Orthodox Yeshiva with a history of excellence.  Our graduates have become community leaders, scientists, journalists and physicians as well as Rabbonim. 
What is our Yeshiva all about?

The Yeshiva offers classes starting with Tiny Tiny Tots through the fifth grade.  By limiting our class size to no more than 18 students, we assure our children a more nurturing and caring environment.   We strive for academic excellence and to reach this goal our principal is involved with each child.

Rabbi Tomsky  meets each student when they start in our nursery and keep a constant watch on each student throughout their academic life with our school.  Our principals have introduced many innovative educational programs. 

The kindergarten class each year has a program with the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It is not unusal to see Mondrian and Picasso hanging in our lunch room. We were the first in New York city to have such a program. 


All of our students have an opportunity to learn in our "State of the Art" computer lab. 

In Hebrew-Judaic studies, we provide an environment where the children learn Ivrit b'Ivrit.  This means that our children will be able to speak and understand Hebrew as they go on to higher education.  Many yeshivot will teach chumash or gemorah but that student may still not understand Hebrew. 

We are a neighborhood school and as such our board of directors is comprised of Physicians, Lawyers and Businessmen who take time out from their busy schedules to make sure our school is on the right path.   We have an active parent association that concerns itself with the happiness and well being of our children.  Our parents are involved in their children's education at home as well as in school. 

Tuition and Scholarships.

Our tuition is competitive with other Yeshivot and is less than many private schools.  Scholarships are not solely based on financial need.  A student desiring a scholarship must keep a high grade average and excel in all areas of education and character. 

If you feel your child is deserving of the best education, you can contact  the Yeshiva by clicking here and e-mail  her your name, telephone #, child's name and age.  We will get in touch with you promptly.