Cantor Abraham David Fuchs was known internationally as among the contemporary masters of the Cantorial art. He was born in Cluj, Roumania, and sang as a child in the choir of Cantor Oizer Wess. He later traveled to Bucharest where he sang with Cantors Benjamin Ravitz and Abraham Blecharovitz. He studied the cantorial art with Arele Dinovitzer and voice with Edward Rosen. In 1940 he was named cantor of the Shneiderís Shul of Bucharest, where his conductor was Hayim Schwartzman. In 1954 he immigrated to Israel, where he assumed a position in Tel Aviv. Four years later he was called to the Mahazikei Hadas Congregation of Antwerp. In 1962 Cantor Fuchs was called to Congregation Ohab Zedek of Belle Habor New York.

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